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Reviews for Stolen:

“Getting caught shoplifting is the least of this teenage girl’s problems. Things go awry when a mysterious man enters the picture and asks for a very small, but unusual “favor.” It’s safe to say that you’ll find yourself hooked on this story’s one-of-a-kind plot. What does this ominous man have in mind for a young girl that just made a silly mistake? Will she be able to redeem herself of her wrongdoings or lose everything—literally?” Review by Emilia Foxton on

“Stolen is not your typical story. In fact, it is doubtful that you’ll come across such a unique thriller twice. The theft in this particular thriller is beyond that of material items—it is something one would least expect and the ending will shock you and perhaps even haunt you. Simply put, it’s an incredible read that you’ll never forget.” Five star review by Eva Xanthopoulos on

“It was a quick enjoyable read for me. I am looking forward to more of his stories. Who would think that a drop of blood could cost this much?” Five star review by Denise S. LeFiles on

Reviews for Flight 279:

“How far will a young man go for some extra cash? This story will fling you into the edges of darkness and keep you on the edge of your seat with its undeniable suspenseful elements from start to finish. The reader will soon learn that there’s more to a mystery box than meets the eye, some favors are meant to be denied, and some boxes are better left unopened.”

Three words: Epitome of Thriller! This story’s mysteriousness will allure you. It’s unpredictable plot will entice you. Flight 279 is jam-packed with ingenuity without a doubt. Just when you think you know what will happen, you are taken in an entirely different direction, which makes this the ultimate short story to read—especially for thrill-seekers.”  Five star review by Eva Xanthopoulos on

“Make sure your tray is in the upright and locked position. This flight has a LOT of turbulence and it is very fast!”  Four star review on

“A student who is in debt is approached by an old man who offers him $5,000 to take a shoe box onto flight 279. The man explains that his own ticket is invalid and that the box contains a birthday present for his grand-daughter. During the flight the student’s curiosity gets the better of him and then things start to get seriously strange. A good short story with an unexpected ending. 4 stars.” – Four star review on

Reviews for Hitchhiker

“I read this kindle edition and was pleasantly surprised. As I read this book, I felt like I was in the driver’s seat seeing what he saw and hearing what he heard. It was fascinating. I will look forward to more from Mr. Hecht” – Four star review by James Herington on

“I found this to be an interesting and compelling, very short story. I enjoyed it, but could have been longer.” – Four star review by Michael Tear on

Reviews for The Antique

“Another impressive read by the same author of “Hitchhiker” I received this as an amazon free download. That is one thing I am afraid of, being cremated only to have my cremains end up on somebody else’s floor. That was my thinking when I read it. This is definitely recommended.” – Four star review by James Herington on

Well. That was weird lol I would’ve liked some more explanation, but I think I got all the blanks filled in. I really want to see the after affects of all this :)” – Four star review by Madilyn on

“Great Read.Great Read.” – Five star review by Diablos on

“Love, love, loved, the Antique. I just wish there had been more. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your first full-length novel. Definitely 5 stars.” – Email review by Lorrie