Stolen Excerpt

StolenMy heart was racing. I had never done anything like this before. Still, my friend Jess told me that if I just kept my head, it would all go well. Shoplifting was something I never thought I would really do, but there I was in the mall, trying to pick the store I would “pillage”.

Which would I go for first?

There was always the makeup store to go for first. Its products were overpriced anyway, so I wouldn’t feel as bad taking from it. Plus, they were small, so I could easily fit them in my purse or pockets if I acted quickly enough.

Then, of course, there were a multitude of clothing stores. I could always use more clothing (who couldn’t?) and free clothing would of course be ideal, although I would need to be quicker and wittier to avoid detection. After all, if you take too long to stuff a shirt into something, people are going to notice.

Jewelry stores were another option, even if it meant I would only get the slightly less expensive things that they don’t mind having on display. They would likely have increased security, though, so it was more risky.

There were smaller kiosks around that offered cheesy shirts and small snack food, but that wasn’t a big enough “heist” for my first time. Given my options, the makeup store seemed the best choice. I took a deep breath, tried to slow my heartbeat down, and took a step into the store.


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