Say Nothing Excerpt

Say_NothingTinyYour life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city and never return. Repeat: say nothing.

And wasn’t that a wonderful way to start the weekend?

Isabel looked at the fortune in her cookie for a few minutes, trying to understand if this was the Garden Palace’s idea of a joke. The restaurant was always known for putting very random fortunes into their cookies, ranging from the absurd to the downright creepy. This seemed to be one of the latter, but she couldn’t help the shiver that coursed through her when she read it over again.

“Everything alright, hun?” her mother asked, looking a bit worried over her sweet and sour chicken, “You look a little cold.”

Say “It’s nothing,” Isabel said without thinking and, even though it was just a stupid fortune cookie, she braced herself for something otherworldly to occur.


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