Flight 279 Excerpt

Flight_279TinyGreat. 2,000 dollars in debt. Try explaining that to my parents. And if it wasn’t bad enough already, my flight was delayed. Perfect. Fucking perfect. Another hour-and-a-half sitting in this less than comfortable seat, waiting for the three hour plane ride of shame home. All I could do was sit there and look at my phone, trying to find something to distract me and ultimately failing. All it made me think of was what led me here.

College is never easy for anyone, be it funds or the work load or being away from people they know. For me, it was the funds. I had the bright idea that I could be like those guys from MIT who got really good at counting cards. Unfortunately, it didn’t stick with me, and I ended up being in debt to a few people on campus. They would hound me and even beat me up to get money. It stressed me out so much that I failed all my classes – that didn’t mean I wasn’t in debt to those people, though. I worked out a deal with them to pay them off over summer break. I didn’t know how I would pay them back, but I figured that would come to me later.

My thoughts were interrupted by a commotion behind me. I turned around and saw an old man arguing with the ticket scanners. They were trying to tell him that his ticket was invalid, but he was insistent. They threatened to call security before he gave up and came over to the seats, sitting right next to me. Great. In debt, forced to ask for money from my parents, and now some old weirdo is sitting next to me. Thankfully, my phone was still an option. I decided to try to search for job openings back home.

“Looking for some cash, huh?”

Great. I can’t even get a moment of solace. I decided to stay silent, hoping he would give up on talking to me. It didn’t work. “Lose your job? In debt? No, wait, I can figure it out, gimme a moment,” he said, before staring off into the distance. He snapped his fingers after a short while. “Debt! Yeah, that’s it. Debt. I can tell by the look in your eyes. Losing your job would mean your eyes would still be hopeful. But debt… debt takes away that hope in your eyes. So what’re you in debt for?”


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